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Today’s world can be fast-paced and high pressure. We often forget to make time for ourselves. Bailey Massage and Wellness LLC is designed for the health conscious person in mind. If you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then Bailey Massage and Wellness LLC is a great choice for you! Come indulge yourself. You will be glad

you did.

To schedule a Massage or Bodywork call 301-748-9598

The body has a natural healing process, it wants to be well and will do all it can to be well, I  work with my clients to help you reach and maintain your wellness goal, whether it be stress relief, pain relief or some other change. 
     Here at Bailey Massage & Wellness LLC, I treat the whole person, not just achy, tired muscles and other soft tissue.   I work  my clients to take personal responsibility for their health, and assist my clients by offering them suggestions for taking an active role in achieving and maintaining their own wellness.      

   You have one body, make it count!

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